The Best Route Planner Apps for Field Sales People

Tools to Optimize your Daily Routes

Badger Maps

The #1 Sales Route Planner in the App Store. Badger Maps aids salespeople by mapping their customers on a map, creating efficient routes to get from customer to customer, and generating new leads.

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Polis is the go-to application for door-to-door salespeople and canvassers. Polis incorporates features such custom survey making, tracking automation, and check-in reporting to keep track of outreach efforts.

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Best Route Pro

Best Route Pro is a route optimization software for outside sales reps. Compatible with Androids, Best Route Pro can map customers, then determine an optimized route to reach them.

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Telogis seeks to increase efficiency for delivery driving teams out in the field. Telogis offers services such as territory creation, customizable routes, and customer scheduling.

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How Sales Technology Has Evolved

Salespeople constantly adopt new technologies to make sales more strategic and efficient. These technological developments disrupt the sales system and equip sales reps with more tools

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How to Effectively Use Route Planner Apps

As an outside sales rep, your whole day consists of you running from meeting to meeting and client to client, so it's hard to find time to sit down and organize your papers and thoughts

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What are Route Planner Apps?

Routing apps are here to make your life easier. They let you plan your journey, show you pictures of your destinations so you’d know which building you have to enter and they even have live traffic updates

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