Badger Maps

The #1 Sales Route Planner in the App Store. Badger Maps aids salespeople by mapping their customers on a map, creating efficient routes to get from customer to customer, and generating new leads.

Badger automatically optimizes your customer meetings so you can get more meetings and get more accomplished. With Badger's route planner and the ability to see the low-hanging fruit in your area, you'll see opportunities in your area to fill the dead time in your schedule. On average, their customers get 25% more meetings. You can combine Badger with your outside sales strategy to crush your quota. Cutting down on planning time means you can focus on your best customers, find new leads, and close more deals.

With Badger, you can easily do a search for new leads in your area. Want to see if there are any dentists in the area you don’t know about? Create a search and find out. Any leads you find can be added to your list of prospects. You can connect to any on-premise and closed based CRM. Sales teams see a 50% increase in CRM usage when reps can access data in the field.

Design your day for success with the best route every time. This means you get to see more customers, close more deals, and get more done. Stop zip-zagging around your territory. With check-ins and reports, collect the exact data you want from the field. When you're able to gather the right data, you can easily make decisions and know where to find the best opportunities. With a built-in mileage counter and route optimization, you are guaranteed to both save gas and easily count your miles to turn into your employer.

Built-in calendar integration on the iPhone and iPad allows you to add your optimized routes as appointments on your calendar with just a couple taps. All routes are pushed to your calendar taking into account things like traffic, so that you get to your appointment when you expect to.

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