Polis is a powerful, full-featured canvassing app that supports individual door-to-door outreach efforts.

Polis runs on both iOS and Android. It automatically generates walking routes, handles data collection, and tracks canvassers, making managing a door-to-door campaign a breeze. Organizations using Polis need only 1 minute per day to manage door-to-door operations where historically they were spending hours. Polis has 7 key features that make any door-knocking campaign easier and more successful.

Polis can be used to support door-to-door sales, persuasion campaigns, lead generation, fundraising, religious outreach, petition drives, election-day efforts, literature and door hanger drop offs, and poll checking. A key feature of the Polis app is that automation frees you to focus on door knocking.

Polis features Prospect List Import/Export as well as the ability to Append Import your prospect lists from any csv-formatted file (such as from Salesforce, voter files, L2, NGP VAN, i360, Acxiom, Experian, etc.) or connect your NationBuilder account to get started. You can also create custom survey questions design your own survey questions, and get answers to popular questions.

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