Connect, Optimize and Automate Your Enterprise Fleet. Telogis enterprise's fleet management platform gives you the big picture by connecting your assets, people and work together on one platform to improve safety, efficiency and compliance.

Time is precious. Make it count. Fleet productivity is a numbers game. It’s about getting more done with fewer resources in less time. Their fleet tracking system gives you real-time access to data that can help improve planning, reduce overtime and limit unauthorized vehicle use. You’ll see what’s working, and what isn’t.

All makes, models and assets accepted. One of the things that their customers love about us is their ability to adapt. When it comes to hardware they've made it easy - they work with the assets you've got but they also have OEM partners that can mean zero installation costs and no downtime. Their partnerships with Ford, GM, Volvo Trucks, Mack, Hino, Isuzu, and others, mean the hardware is built in, giving you richer diagnostic data and instant activation from day one.

Aftermarket hardware (HARDWARE AGNOSTIC) being hardware agnostic means that they work with their customers to choose the hardware solutions that best meet their needs, instead of being forced to choose from only a handful of proprietary devices. Built-in hardware (SELECTED MANUFACTURERS). A built-in telematics solution gives you richer diagnostic data, no installation downtime, capitalization tax benefits as well as warranty options backed by an extensive dealer network.

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