How to Effectively Use Route Planner Apps

As an outside sales rep, your whole day consists of you running from meeting to meeting and client to client, so it's hard to find time to sit down and organize your papers and thoughts. But keeping organized is what helps your day run smoothly. In a hectic day, it’s good to have a helping hand in your pocket.

That's why a route planner app can be so essential in an outside salesperson's toolkit. Route planners help save you time and organize your meeting, as they not only keep track of your day, but let you organize your accounts based on priority and types.

So you know your goals and deadlines for the day but just have so much to do, and don’t know where to start? A good route planner’s main objective is to help a sales rep become even better than they already were. So there are two things they are trying to accomplish: time management and organization.

A route planner helps optimize your day. If you can choose the territory or accounts you want to visit that day, a route planner will help you plan your day accordingly, helping to find the most optimized route possible, meaning less distance traveled, less mileage used, less time wasted when running from meeting to meeting. Being able to see your accounts and when to meet with them will also allow you to allot time for other things in your day. Like picking your kids up, or taking a coffee break.

A quality route planner app should let you take notes for each account. You can mark the priority, and add other meeting notes to help establish a relationship with clients. This will help you with your follow-ups, because it lets you take notes and keep in track what you want to have for each account. And it’s all inside one app, so you won’t have to bring so many notes with you, and have everything portable.

A route planner app's main purpose is to be your personal assistant for on the go, located in the pocket of your pants. They want to save you time, and help organize your thoughts. So go and impress your clients, download a route planner.