What are Route Planning Apps?

Routing planning apps were created to make Sales Rep's lives easier. They let you plan your daily journey, show street-view images of your destinations so you know which building you have to enter, and they even have live traffic updates integrated to calculate the fastest route for you.

These apps are especially beneficial for Field Sales Reps. Even if you know your way around, you might run into unexpected circumstances – such as closed streets or construction work that has created a huge traffic jam. These situations could add a lot of unnecessary travel time that you could have been spending doing something more important instead, whereas it only takes a couple of minutes to open an app, insert your destinations, and save yourself from all that trouble. What a lot of apps are lacking nowadays is route optimization though – this isn’t a problem if you know every street in your city by heart, but if you have tons of places to visit and no precise schedule, just entering the addresses and letting the app optimize your route helps you save a lot of precious time.

This is especially important to sales people who have to meet a lot customers in one day. Route planning apps have made it easy to have an overview of your day – addresses, time spent on the road, arrival times, etc.

Mapping software will revolutionize every salesperson’s day-to-day life by decreasing their time in the car, showing them their exact time of arrival, and saving time by removing the need to keep track of and calculate the best route yourself. They perform all of these functions while letting sales reps keep notes on every customer. Route planning apps also help sales reps by letting them qualify their accounts into groups, showing these groups on an interactive map, and calculating the fastest route to them.